Montana: The New California?

If radical environmentalists had their way, Montana could be ablaze.

The Montana Wildlife Federation is suing to block the U.S. Forest Service from doing proper forest management.

In March 2019, the MWF—which claims to be a conservation group—sued to block the agency’s plans for thinning, logging, and controlled burns near Helena. The Forest Service project is designed to help fight fires, protect firefighters, and protect Helena’s water infrastructure.

Why is the Montana Wildlife Federation trying to stop a project that will help conserve Montana’s lands from devastating wildfires?


Hidden Agenda

The MWF has a hidden radical environmental agenda. Tax records show that the MWF has received millions from out-of-state radical environmentalists.

That includes $1.2 million from the Wyss Foundation. The Wyss Foundation also finances Sierra Club, Greenpeace, the pro-wolf Defenders of Wildlife, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. The Wyss Foundation is funded by Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss—a less well-known George Soros.


Do You Want Montana to Become Like California?

Look at the massive wildfires in California in recent years. The 2018 wildlife seasons was the most destructive ever recorded in the state.

California has been dominated by radical environmentalists, who are against proper forest management. Proper forest management includes prescribed and controlled burns, for instance—something the Montana Wildlife Federation is trying to prevent the U.S. Forest Service from using.

If forest managers can’t thin trees or do controlled burns—things radical environmentalists oppose—then this helps create the tinderbox conditions for major wildfires.


Target: Montana

Environmentalists are pouring millions into Montana groups like the Montana Wildlife Federation that appear to be moderate and sportsman-friendly. These environmentalists want to shut down all logging, mining, energy development, and other jobs-creating activity.

Groups like the Montana Wildlife Federation lobby the legislature along with filing frivolous lawsuits. MWF is lobbying the legislature on Wilderness Study Areas. Their agenda is to keep these lands locked away from human use and enjoyment as much as possible.

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