Montana Wilderness Association and “Our Land Our Legacy”

At a Glance

The Montana Wilderness Association is an environmental group that seeks to keep land off-limits to human economic activity. It provides support for Green Decoy talking points on the national monuments issues, via its “Our Land Our Legacy” campaign, and other issues. MWA only has 5,500 members, according to its website, and a membership costs $40 per year. So how does we account for MWA’s $2 million in revenue and slick campaigns like “Our Land Our Legacy”? A large chunk is due to moneyed, out-of-state sources. MWA has gotten $9 million from foundations—leftwing environmental groups such as the Wyss Foundation ($1.3 million), Pew Charitable Trusts ($787,000), and the Wilburforce Foundation ($605,000). Over 95 percent of this foundation money going to Montana Wilderness Association comes from outside the state.


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