Montana Mountain Mamas

At a Glance

Montana Mountain Mamas is a group of just 15 women that bills itself as moms who simply like the outdoors. But the group has been flacking for an environmentalist agenda and appears to be a more coordinated campaign than it might seem at first. Along with newspaper commentaries, the group took out a newspaper ad—not an inexpensive endeavor—demanding U.S. Senator Steve Daines to support the Land and Water Conservation Fund, a federal land-purchasing slush fund that lawmakers were trying to reform but that environmentalists (and Green Decoys) love. Who is funding Montana Mountain Mamas? Hard to say. The MMM website says it’s a project of Resource Media, a liberal PR firm that works “exclusively in support of social change.” Resource’s other clients include Open Society Foundation—the foundation funded by far-left foreign billionaire George Soros. Meanwhile, Becky Edwards, a founder of MMM, counts the Western Conservation Foundation among her clients. Western Conservation Foundation is a secretive organization that is funded by environmental groups and passes money through to Green Decoy organizations such as Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. We can guess who’s behind Montana Mountain Mamas: The same wealthy, liberal, out-of-state groups and individuals who fund the Green Decoy organizations.


Erica Lighthiser Becky Edwards