Business for Montana’s Outdoors

At a Glance

Business for Montana’s Outdoors (BMO) is an anonymous website that claims to represent a coalition of businesses in Montana. It is unclear who is behind BMO—the website was registered privately—and it is unclear who is funding BMO. BMO states on its website that it is not asking for donations. The website of Business for Montana’s Outdoors parrots the issues and rhetoric of Green Decoys and other environmental activists. With unknown funding, BMO has been able to produce slick ads attacking U.S. Interior Secretary and former U.S. Representative for Montana Ryan Zinke. The ads pressure Zinke on a pet cause of environmentalists, who are upset that Zinke recommended reducing the massive land grab of President Obama, who unilaterally declared millions of acres of land to be "off limits." None of the reductions actually occurred in Montana—leaving many wondering why this “Montana Outdoors” group is speaking out.


Marne Hays